Monday, September 29, 2008


Today has been a truly fun day.......can you hear my sarcasm! My desktop computer is in the process of crashing. I think the fan in it is going. My only hope that I will be able to get all my files & photos off of it. I have to call a commputer tech tomorrow. That was last night. Of course, I couldn't sleep b/c I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I am an idiot and did not burn off everything sooner. I couldn't do anything today b/c I had to go to the dermatologist.....always fun for a redhead. Had two spots biopsied. I know what they are so I'm not worried about that.....I just have to hope that the biopsy removed them so I don't have to go back for more surgery. Again...FUN! ARGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Okay, the upside. I have been doing some scrapping lately. I got three pages done this weekend and I am so excited. I signed up for some challenges and although I am way to busy they are helping me get some pages done!! One more to go tomorrow!

Here are two of them........